New Updated 1Z0-1023 Exam Dumps Free Download

New Updated 1Z0-1023 Exam Dumps Free Download

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Question 1:

You face a supply request exception due to some reason. You realize that you need to make some changes to the Manage Supply Request Exceptions page. Which action will you perform?

A. The supply request cannot be updated. The only way is to resolve the error in the source application and resubmit the request.

B. Update the supply request and submit it. The errors will be resolved automatically.

C. Update the supply request and make sure errors are resolved before resubmitting it.

D. The Supply request can be updated using a third-party application only.

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

The physical inventory process is Carried out for and particular inventory organization with the following parameter:


Negative Quantity Tolerance Percentage is set to 10%


Approval Type = \’Always\’

The system says that there are 100 on hand, but you only counted 95. What will happen?


An approval will be required before posting.


The system will ask a user to recount before posting.


Because the 95 is within the 10% tolerance, it will post without approval.


The setup is invalid; it will give an error message.

Correct Answer: D

Question 3:

In Supply Chain Orchestration, Automated Change Management performs which two functions?

A. changing the ship method on a sales order

B. change to need by dates of a purchase order

C. splitting of a sales order

D. change to item attributes

E. changing the supplier on a purchase order

Correct Answer: BC

Question 4:

Which three applications originate a buy request that is received by supply chain orchestration?

A. Inventory

B. Accounts Payable

C. Order Management

D. Purchasing

E. Planning

F. Self Service Procurement

Correct Answer: ACE

Question 5:

Which statement is false about generating an Internal Material Transfer for expense destination Transfer Order?

A. Cost Management will pick up the delivery transaction directly from Receiving and process the expense accounting from that transaction.

B. Expense destination transfers are expensed upon delivery hitting an expense account Instead of an inventory asset account as would be the case for inventory destination transfers.

C. If the receipt is required, then accounting of the receipt delivery transaction will happen Only in Receipt Accounting because there will not be a delivery transaction in inventory.

D. Costs for Lot and serial numbers are tracked at put away time when the items are recorded in a destination inventory location.

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

In the Back-to-Back (B2B) Order to Cash flow, ordered items are purchased from a supplier. The Sourcing Rules have been defined for the item and the buy flow has been initiated. The sales order line is shown as Awaiting Shipping and the supply line status is “In Purchasing” with the supply order generated but the purchase requisition not generating.

What is the reason?

A. Supply order is generated with exceptions.

B. Preparer is not valid.

C. The Sourcing rule is incorrect.

D. No Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) exists for this supplier-item combination.

E. Buy requests originate from Order Management.

Correct Answer: D

Question 7:

What three Key Performance Indicators are available in the Warehouse Operations Dashboard?

A. Inventory Value

B. Cycle Count

C. Shipment Value

D. Exact Matches Rate

E. Distributed Value

F. Hit or Miss Accuracy

Correct Answer: ADF

Warehouse Operations Key Performance Indicators: Explained

Key performance indicators (KPIs) measure how well an organization or individual performs an operational, tactical, or strategic activity that is critical for the current and future success of the organization.

The Warehouse Operations Dashboard contains the following KPIs:

Inventory Value Hit or Miss Accuracy Exact Matches Rate

Inventory Value

The Inventory Value KPI shows the total value of inventory owned by your organization. The KPI indicates whether the material is physically available in the warehouse or if the material is in transit. The KPI report enables you to compare the inventory value for a selected time period with the prior year\’s inventory value for that same time period. You can also compare inventory value by inventory categories. Hit or Miss Accuracy The Hit or Miss Accuracy KPI shows the percentage of the cycle count that falls within the hit and miss tolerances of a total cycle count. This KPI provides the rate of hits during the cycle counting process. The KPI report enables you to

compare the hit or miss accuracy for a selected time period with the prior year\’s hit or miss accuracy for that same time period. Exact Matches Rate The Exact Matches Rate KPI shows the exact match entries as a percentage of the total cycle count entries. An exact match entry is an entry where the counted quantity entered is the same as the system quantity. The rate of exact match

entries obtained during the cycle count is called Exact Matches Rate. The KPI report enables you to compare the exact matches rate for a selected time period with the prior year\’s exact matches rate for that same time period.

Question 8:

The Applications Development Framework Desktop Integration (ADFdi) user interface is supported in Oracle Fusion Receiving, Inventory Management, and Shipping products. Identify four ADFdi user interfaces that are supported.

A. Manage Shipment Message Interface

B. Manage Lot/Serial Interface

C. Manage Inventory Transaction Correction in Spreadsheet

D. Review Count Interface Records

E. Review Receipts Interface

F. Upload ASN or ASBN

Correct Answer: ABDE

Question 9:

Your organization is planning for a periodic counting of individual items automatically throughout the course of the year. As part of this activity, the user has loaded items to the cycle count but some of the Items are not being considered when count schedules and count sequences are not generated.

Identify two reasons that explain why the items are not being considered.

A. The Cycle Count Enabled flag is not selected for the item.

B. The approval controls are not set up.

C. The Include in Schedule option is not selected to include the item for auto-scheduling.

D. The Cycle Count Enabled flag is not selected for the inventory organization.

E. The ABC assignment group is not defined.

Correct Answer: CE

Question 10:

Identity two statements that are true about the cost-organization relationship.

A. Only inventory organizations belonging to different item Master Organizations can be part of a cost organization.

B. The inventory organizations that are assigned to a cost organization must all belong to the same legal entity.

C. Costing Item Validation Organization can only be item Master Organization of the underlying inventory organizations.

D. Costing Item Validation Organization is used to default the Unit of Measure for costing calculations.

Correct Answer: BD

Question 11:

Your organization is using min-max planning to replenish stock and the planning parameters are set at item organization level with a default subinventory:

Item: A, Min Qty: 25, Max Qty: 150 and Current Level: 20

The item above is purchased from a supplier. Althrough there is subinventory on hand, the subinventory in below the minimum required level. This should trigger a Min-Max report entry, but the requisition in not generated. Why?

A. Fixed lot multiplier is not set.

B. Min-max planning Can be performed at the Organisation level.

C. Rounding the Reorder Quantity is disabled.

D. No value has been set for the “Min-Max Replenishment Reorder Approval” profile.

E. Item is not defined in Manage item Subinventories.

Correct Answer: E

Question 12:

You need to load on-hand balances for go live. Which template should be used for this?

A. InventoryMiscellaneousTrxTemplate.xlsm

B. InventoryTransactionImportTemplate.xlsm

C. InventoryBalanceImportTTemplate.xlsm

D. InventoryReservationImportTemplate.xlsm

E. InventoryOnHandBalanceTemplate.xlam

Correct Answer: B

Question 13:

Your company has multiple inventory organizations where goods are transferred internally. A user has created a new organization but the new organization is unavailable when creating an interorganization transfer.

What is the missing setup?

A. The source and destination organization doesn\’t belong to the same legal entity.

B. Inventory organization data access for users is not set up.

C. The destination organization transfer type is In Transit.

D. Interorganization Parameters are not set up between the organizations.

Correct Answer: D

Question 14:

Identify the availability type that is applicable for the item quantities maintained in a unit of measure different from the primary unit of measure and is available for various transactions.

A. On Hand

B. Secondary On-hand Quantity

C. available

D. Reserved

E. Secondary Available Quantity

Correct Answer: A

Question 15:

Your organization performs a restock via a transfer order between inventory organizations, using the following parameters tor processing:

Transfer Type: In-transit transfer type

Receipt Routing: Standard

Transfer Order Required: Yes

During the process, the receiving organization wants to make a change to the transfer order line.

After which fulfillment stage will they no longer be able to change the transfer order?

A. Ship Confirm

B. Awaiting Receiving

C. Awaiting Fulfillment

D. Closed

E. Awaiting Billing

Correct Answer: A

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