[PDF and VCE] Free Share CAT-340 PDF Exam Preparation Materials with Real Exam Questions

[PDF and VCE] Free Share CAT-340 PDF Exam Preparation Materials with Real Exam Questions

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Question 1:

Which step do you need to perform to configure email server settings for the JBoss application server?

A. Create a new XML file.

B. Modify the mail-service.xml file.

C. Change a property in the console.

D. Modify the Mail Transport Host field for the mail session.

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

You are installing CA Identity Minder on a Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit system. You have encountered a number of errors and need to quickly find the information you need to address problems. Which action should you take?

A. Run run_idm.sh.

B. Check caiamsuite.log.

C. Run BIConfig and examine the output.

D. Check im-installer.properties for Connector errors.

Correct Answer: B

Question 3:

Which two components communicate using a Connector?

A. Provisioning Server and endpoint

B. Policy Server and Report Server

C. User Store and Provisioning directory D. Report Server and Snapshot Database

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

To help ensure role granularity, when you create provisioning roles, which guideline should you follow?

A. Every role should have at least one user.

B. Account templates should be assigned to individual users rather than to roles.

C. Depending on the size of an organization, a role should have between 50 and 200 users.

D. For most organizations, 50 percent of user access is from permanent roles and 50percent is from temporary roles.

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

You want to configure password synchronization with UNIX systems. Which component enables CA Identity Minder to authenticate passwords against external security systems?

A. Credential Provider

B. Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM)

C. Graphical Identification and Authorization (GINA)

D. Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) Agent

Correct Answer: B

Question 6:

In CA IdentityMinder r12.6, the basic access request feature:

A. is fully integrated with CA GovernanceMinder.

B. includes granular filtering and search capabilities.

C. enables bulk definition ofaccess request services objects.

D. can use workflow approval and email notification functionality.

Correct Answer: D

Question 7:

You are deploying CA IdentityMinder on a 64-bit Windows system. Before you configure Active Directory password synchronization, you want to make sure that you meet the twin goals of maximizing security and minimizing synchronization issues. Which guideline should you follow?

A. Configure CA IdentityMinder to check the history of recent changes to passwords.

B. Enable CA SiteMinder rules to override rules in other accounts by configuring eta_pwdsync.conf.

C. Make sure that the CA IdentityMinder password policy is stricter than the password policy of the endpoints.

D. Use the 32-bit Password Synchronization Agent on 64-bit systems that require Federal Information Processing Standards (FEPS).

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Which statement about installing the Report Server is TRUE?

A. The root account mustbe used for UNIX installations.

B. The mergeconnection_3.0.reg script must be run for 64-bit systems.

C. If a report-installation checklist is used, the installation shouldtake no longer than 15 minutes.

D. If JBoss is already installed on the computer on which you are installing the Report Server, port conflicts can occur.

Correct Answer: D

Question 9:

You have deployed CA IdentityMinder with a CA SiteMinder Policy Server. During the second day of testing your installation, you receive a “Not Loaded” error message when you attempt to log in. You check that the User Store is running. Which other action should you take to investigate this issue?

A. Check the application server log.

B. Verify that theWeb Agent is running correctly.

C. Verify that CA SiteMinder can connect to the User Store.

D. Set the Internet browser option “Show friendly error message”to off to view the status page.

Correct Answer: C

Question 10:

For workflow installation, many steps that were previously manual are now performed automatically by the installer. Nonetheless, you still need to use the Management Console to:

A. create the workflow database.

B. populate the database with sample workflows.

C. enable workflow for your CA IdentityMinder environment.

D. create a JDBC data source and connection file for the application server

Correct Answer: C

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