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Latest Geekcert NS0-180 Exam NS0-180 Dumps 100% Free Download

Latest Geekcert NS0-180 Exam NS0-180 Dumps 100% Free Download

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Question 1:

You have just configured the customer\’s first SVM with a LIF IP The customer\’s DNS IP address is and you are unable to ping it from the NetApp storage system, but you are able to ping the gateway and everything else works.

In this scenario what is the problem?

A. You need to have the DNS server on the same subnet as the LIF IP address.

B. You need to add a static gateway to the LIFs routing group.

C. You need to have the customer check the cable.

D. You need to add an IPspace and domain broadcast to the port.

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: A broadcast domain resides in an IPspace, and it contains a group of network ports, potentially from many nodes in the cluster, that belong to the same layer 2 network. The ports in the group are used in an SVM for data traffic. Reference: Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3, Network Management Guide, page 8

Question 2:

You have completed the installation of a 4-node cluster. The customer did not purchase management switches and will not allow your laptop on the network. In this situation, what are two valid procedures that will allow you to collect the Config Advisor output? (Choose two.)

A. Bring a switch that allows you to connect your laptop to all the switches and controllers.

B. Connect to a single controller in the cluster since it can run commands on every node.

C. Ask the customer to install and run Config Advisor on one of their PCs on the network.

D. Connect four USB serial cables to your laptop to allow you to connect to all four controllers.

Correct Answer: BC

Question 3:

A customer is installing a new system. The administrator needs to have the maximum available amount of data space. Which disk configuration should the administrator use?



C. Flash Pool


Correct Answer: D

Explanation: Advanced drive partitioning to increase usable capacity for entry systems, all-flash FAS, and Flash Pool.


Not A: RAID-DP is useful for maximizing data protection, but it does not provide the maximum available data space. Not B: RAID4 is useful for optimizing writes, but it does not provide the maximum available data space.

Reference: Proven-Foundation-for-Hybrid-Cloud/ta-p/92703

Question 4:

You are asked to complete a 2-node installation of a FAS8060 cluster running clustered Data ONTAP 8.3. The hardware has been installed and the cluster has been configured. AutoSupport testing has not been successful because NetApp Support cannot see any messages, and the customer does not have any messages in their inbox.

Which two actions should be performed to test the functionality from the NetApp cluster? (Choose two.)

A. Verify that the network gateway responds to a ping request.

B. Verify that the mailhost responds to a ping request.

C. Verify that the domain controller responds to a ping request.

D. Verify that the cluster interconnect switches respond to a ping request.

Correct Answer: BD

B: Check that the mail host specified in the options is a host that the storage system can talk to, by running the following command on the storage system:

ping mailhost_name

mailhost_name is the name of the mail host specified in the AutoSupport options.

D: If the system cannot deliver AutoSupport messages over SMTP you should confirm basic network connectivity and DNS lookup:

Your network management LIF must be up for operational and administrative status.

You must be able to ping a functioning host on the same subnet from the cluster management LIF (not a LIF on any of the nodes).

You must be able to ping a functioning host outside the subnet from the cluster management LIF. You must be able to ping a functioning host outside the subnet from the cluster management LIF using the name of the host (not the IP


Reference: How to troubleshoot AutoSupport delivery when using SMTP Reference: Troubleshooting AutoSupport message delivery over SMTP 0E1480405873.html

Question 5:

You want to install a new clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 system. The customer wants to use open ports on interconnect switches from a different system with clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 because they are running out of space in their rack. What should be considered in this scenario?

A. Only one cluster per switch pair is qualified and supported.

B. You can use all free network ports for the cluster interconnect.

C. You can only use dedicated ports for the clustered interconnect.

D. A maximum of two clusters per switch pair are qualified and supported, but you should use trunked ports.

Correct Answer: C