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Free Download the Most Update 2V0-21.19D Brain Dumps

Free Download the Most Update 2V0-21.19D Brain Dumps

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Question 1:

A vSphere administrator wants to deploy a VM directly from a VM template that is stored in a content library? How can the administrator accomplish this?

A. Publish the content library first.

B. Convert the VM template to OVA.

C. Use the vSphere Client.

D. Copy the VM template to a local drive.

Correct Answer: C


Question 2:

A vSphere Administrator has multiple virtual machines running on a VMFS datastore. Which option prioritizes the disk access for the virtual machines?

A. Disk Shares

B. Disk Mode

C. Disk Type

D. Hard Disk

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

An administrator runs multiple clusters spread across multiple vCenters. The administrator needs to be able to migrate any VM to any cluster. On which two vCenter Server objects could the administrator configure EVC mode to fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.)


B. resource pool

C. datacenter

D. cluster

E. folder

Correct Answer: AD

Question 4:

An administrator decides to implement vSphere networking using the VDS.

Which binding option should the administrator use to manage the VMs if vCenter becomes unavailable?

A. static

B. port

C. ephemeral

D. dynamic

Correct Answer: C


Question 5:

What is a requirement when installing ESXi 6.7?

A. NX/XD bit enabled for the CPU in the BIOS

B. minimum of 8GB of physical RAM

C. datastore for scratch partition

D. minimum of four CPU cores

Correct Answer: A


Question 6:

A vSphere administrator attempts to create a VM-VM affinity rule but is unable to locate the option in the vSpehre Client. What would cause this to happen?

A. vSphere DRS is disabled

B. vSphere DRS is set to manual

C. Admission control is not enabled

D. Affinity rules are only managed using the Host Client

Correct Answer: A

Question 7:

Which DCUI option determines the time frame an administrator has to log in to the ESXI Shell after enabling the service?

A. Idle Timeout

B. Availability Timeout

C. Enable SSH D. Enable ESXi Shell

Correct Answer: B


Question 8:

Which two availability features require a VM restart for recovery? (Choose two.)

A. vSphere DPM

B. vSphere vMotion

C. vSphere Replication

D. vSphere Fault Tolerance

E. vSphere HA

Correct Answer: CE

Question 9:

What is the outcome when two affinity rules conflict?

A. VMs will continue to migrate

B. Rules are applied based on priority

C. Only one rule can be enabled

D. Random rule enablement occurs

Correct Answer: C

Question 10:

Which two infrastructure services are provided by the Platform Services Controller? (Choose two.)

A. Auto Deploy

B. License Service

C. vCenter Single Sign-On

D. vSphere Syslog Collector

E. vSphere Web Client

Correct Answer: BC

Question 11:

What is the maximum number of vCenter Server Appliances that can be linked together using Enhanced Linked Mode and displayed in a single inventory view?

A. 5

B. 10

C. 15

D. 20

Correct Answer: C


Question 12:

A vSphere administrator is performing a greenfield vSphere deployment with these requirements:


vCenter Server sized for 100 ESXi hosts and 1000 virtual machines


Each ESXi Host with 512 LUNs and 2048 paths mapped from Dell EMC XtremIO Storage Array

Which vCenter Server Appliance deployment size meets requirements?

A. Large

B. Tiny

C. Medium

D. Small

Correct Answer: D

Question 13:

Which two options ensure all ESXi servers are protected from unsigned code? (Choose two.)

A. VM Encryption


C. UEFI Secure Boot


E. vSAN Encryption

Correct Answer: CD

Question 14:

What does ESXi Autoconfiguration do?

A. sets up host profiles

B. configures system network and storage devices

C. determines the number of hosts to be deployed

D. configures Auto Deploy

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

Which two options could the administrator use to start the vSphere Authentication Proxy Service (Choose two.)


B. vSphere Client

C. ESXi Command Line



Correct Answer: BD