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Free Share AXS-c01 Exam Dumps and Practice Questions and Answers

Free Share AXS-c01 Exam Dumps and Practice Questions and Answers

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Question 1:

Which of the following are ways that a user can interact with an Amazon Alexa skill using both voice and non-voice methods? (Choose three.)

A. Scrolling through a list

B. Selecting an action

C. Zooming in on an image

D. Pausing a video

E. Muting the device

F. Pairing with Bluetooth

Correct Answer: DEF

Question 2:

An Alexa Skill Builder wants a skill to inform the users of the number of times they have launched the skill. What approach should the Builder take to track this information?

A. Store and increment a launchCount session attribute.

B. Using the ASK SDK, implement a persistent attribute that is stored and retrieved from Amazon DynamoDB.

C. Perform a scan of the Amazon DynamoDB table for the number of records and count each record as a skill launch.

D. Set up a global variable in the code project that increments each time the code is invoked by Amazon Alexa.

Correct Answer: B


Question 3:

An Alexa Skill Builder is developing a skill that tells users facts about their neighborhoods using their postal codes. When running the skill, users receive error messages from their Amazon Alexa devices. When the Builder checks the logs, error messages are being sent when the device location API is used to get users\’ postal codes.

What are the potential causes of this issue? (Choose two.)

A. The Alexa devices are registered in the incorrect postal code.

B. The AWS Lambda function is not registered to the skill.

C. The users have opted out of giving their location information.

D. The application ID of the skill does not match the expected application ID of the AWS Lambda function.

E. The skill is not registered to access information in the developer console.

Correct Answer: CD

Question 4:

An Alexa Skill Builder wants to create a skill that asks the user two yes/no questions:

Alexa: Do you like cats?

Alexa: Do you like dogs?

When the username answers “yes”, how should the Builder code the handler to know which question the answer refers to?

A. Using session attributes, store the previous question as the context for use in the AMAZON.YesIntent handler.

B. Within the AMAZON.YesIntent handler, prompt the user to repeat the name of the animal that they like.

C. Within the AMAZON.YesIntent handler, define a slot to store and retrieve the previously asked question.

D. Access Amazon CloudWatch Logs and retrieve the previous question topic from the recent log messages.

Correct Answer: C


Question 5:

An Alexa Skill Builder needs to set up an Amazon Alexa skill beta test. What user identifier should be used to add beta testers?

A. AWS account number

B. Alexa user email address

C. Amazon vendor ID

D. Amazon customer ID

Correct Answer: B


Question 6:

An Alexa Skill Builder is developing a custom skill to play a live audio stream. What two built-in intents are required to implement the AudioPlayer interface?

A. AMAZON.NextIntent and AMAZON.StopIntent

B. AMAZON.ResumeIntent and AMAZON.PauseIntent

C. AMAZON.CancelIntent and AMAZON.ResumeIntent

D. AMAZON.RepeatIntent and AMAZON.StopIntent

Correct Answer: B


Question 7:

An Alexa Skill Builder is trying to enable a skill in the developer console. The skill model builds without errors, but the Builder is unable to turn on testing. What could be causing this?

A. The skill\’s slot types are invalid.

B. The skill does not have an example phrase

C. The skill does not have an invocation name

D. The skill does not have an endpoint

Correct Answer: C


Question 8:

An Alexa Skill Builder has published a skill to the Alexa Skills Store, but soon after realizes that Amazon Alexa is saying an incorrect word in one of the responses. What is the recommended method for the Builder to correct this issue?

A. Correct the response in a new endpoint, and after updating the In Development version of the skill, redeploy it.

B. Access the In Development version of the skill, alter the intent that was causing the incorrect word, then resubmit the skill for certification.

C. Edit the response in a new endpoint, and after updating the In Development version of the skill, resubmit it for certification.

D. Correct the response in the existing endpoint of the Live version of the skill, then redeploy it.

Correct Answer: A

Question 9:

An Alexa Skill Builder needs to change the invocation name of a new skill. What status should the skill be in to make this change?

A. In Development

B. Build

C. In Certification

D. Edit

Correct Answer: D


Question 10:

An Alexa Skill Builder is building an order reporting skill. Occasionally, users need to enter 30-digit serial codes. How can this be accomplished while providing a good voice user interface experience?

A. Manually extend the timeout so that users can input all the numbers.

B. Use multiple requests for smaller segments of the code and store the data in session attributes.

C. Enter single digits one request at a time.

D. Request that users send the number using the Amazon Alexa app

Correct Answer: A

Question 11:

Before beginning the development of a skill, an Alexa Skill Builder wants to hear how a statement will be pronounced by Amazon Alexa in another locale. How should the Builder test the pronounciation of the statement?

A. Use the Alexa Simulator tab in the developer console to interact with the skill using the selected locale.

B. Create a developer account for the specific locale, and use a device to interact with the skill.

C. Use Voice and Tone tab in the developer console to play the statement using the selected locale.

D. Use the Manual JSON tab in the developer console to create a sample JSON response

Correct Answer: C


Question 12:

An Alexa Skill Builder submitted a child-directed skill for certification that lists the nearest skateboard parks. The Builder ensured that

The skill does not link to an external account The skill stored the child\’s preference by userId The skill has a valid privacy policy link in the skill Distribution page

Given this information, why will the skill fail certification?

A. The Builder did not upload a privacy policy document

B. Child-directed skills cannot use location information

C. The child\’s userId cannot be used because of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) restrictions.

D. The skill should not be child-directed as it can be used by children over 13 years old.

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

The namespace value in the header of the incoming directive for an Amazon Alexa smart home skill specifies the:

A. context of the message

B. capability interface of the message

C. endpoint specified in the message

D. control message for the directive

Correct Answer: D


Question 14:

According to Amazon Alexa best practices, how should an Alexa Skill Builder prevent unintentional requests against a skill\’s backend when using AWS Lambda?

A. Ensure that the session ID provided by the request to Lambda is not already in use.

B. Rotate the Lambda ARN regularly to prevent others from using the service.

C. Retrieve the Application ID property from the request JSON and validate it against the Lambda environment variables.

D. Provide the Lambda trigger with the Application ID so that it validates on the ask trigger.

Correct Answer: C

Question 15:

An Alexa Skill Builder adds a colleague to a skill using the beta test feature. The colleague logs in to the developer console to edit the interaction model and cannot see the skill. Why is this happening?

A. The colleague needs the ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR enablement.

B. The skill was not submitted for publishing.

C. The colleague was not made an administrator in the beta test tool.

D. The colleague has not been added to the skill\’s developer account.

Correct Answer: C


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