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Latest Update Free Version of NS0-160 Exam Study Guides

Latest Update Free Version of NS0-160 Exam Study Guides

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Question 1:

When a write from a SAN host is received, the information is stored within the controller before it is written to the underlying RAID. In this scenario, which component stores the data?


B. FlashCache

C. Flash Pool


Correct Answer: D

Question 2:

A customer has four or more nodes in a cluster. More than four target ports are being used by the SVMs in any node. The customer wants to limit the number of paths that can be used to access LUNs on the nodes, so that the paths do not

exceed the recommended maximum of eight.

In this scenario, which three actions will accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

A. Use ALUA protocol.

B. Use multipathing software.

C. Use port sets for iSCSI.

D. Use Selective LUN Mapping

E. Use FC switch zoning.

Correct Answer: CDE


Question 3:

A customer configured CIFS in an ONTAP 9.5 SVM. The customer wants to verify if the “CIFS Server” is accessible from each node of the cluster. In this scenario, which command will accomplish this task?

A. vserver cifs session

B. vserver cifs connection show

C. vserver cifs check

D. vserver cifs domain discovered-servers

Correct Answer: C


Question 4:

Click the Exhibit button.

An export policy rule for a volume is set by using the command shown in the exhibit.

If clients with IP addresses and accessed the export, what is the outcome?

A. Neither client is given access.

B. Client is given access but is not given access.

C. Client is not given access but is given access.

D. Both clients are given access.

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

To which three objects on an ONTAP 9.3 cluster would you assign a QoS throughput floor? (Choose three.)

A. a volume on FAS

B. a LUN on AFF

C. a volume on AFF

D. an SVM on AFF

E. a file on AFF

Correct Answer: BCE


Question 6:

Click the Exhibit button.

You execute the cluster1::> network ipspace show command, and notice that two IPspaces are not able to be renamed or deleted. Referring to the exhibit, what are these two IPspaces? (Choose two.)

A. IPspace1

B. Default

C. IPspace2

D. Cluster

Correct Answer: BD

Question 7:

A storage administrator has a single-node FAS cluster. The administrator wants to add a second node to convert the FAS storage array into a switchless cluster. In this scenario, what would the administrator do to accomplish the task?

A. Add a new AFF HA pair and replace the existing FAS.

B. Add a cluster interconnect switch and a second FAS of the same model.

C. Add a new single node AFF controller to the existing FAS storage array.

D. Add a new single node FAS controller of the same model.

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

A customer ordered a FAS8200 running ONTAP 9.4 with 4 TB SATA drives. You want to use the ADP features to avoid consuming the high capacity drives for the root aggregates. Before starting the initial setup of the cluster, you run the

aggr status command and notice that ADP is not being used.

In this scenario, which boot menu option do you use to solve the problem?

A. Option 7

B. Option 5

C. Option 9

D. Option 4

Correct Answer: C

Question 9:

Which three tasks are SVM administrators allowed to perform? (Choose three.)

A. Configure name services.

B. Configure an aggregate.

C. Monitor jobs.

D. Configure data protocols.

E. Create a LIF.

Correct Answer: ABC


Question 10:

A 2-node switchless cluster experiences a node failure.

In this situation, which LIF automatically migrates to a different port?

A. SAN data LIF

B. intercluster LIF

C. NAS data LIF

D. node management LIF

Correct Answer: C


Question 11:

Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the output shown in the exhibit, which aggregate capacity is available for a volume?

A. 4TB

B. 8TB

C. 3.4 TB

D. 3.6 TB

Correct Answer: A

Question 12:

Which storage efficiency policy is automatically defined when you run volume move from a non-AFF system to an AFF system?

A. inline-only

B. promote

C. default

D. auto

Correct Answer: D


Question 13:

Which NetApp product enables you to leverage legacy storage investments?

A. FlexClone

B. FlexGroup

C. Cloud Volumes ONTAP

D. FlexArray

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

Click the Exhibit button.

Using ONTAP 9.5, you are operating with data protection across three sites. The cluster_A and cluster_B systems require synchronous replication. The SVMs on cluster_A also require asynchronous SVM-DR replication to a third site. All

replication between all sites must also replicate the SVM configuration.

Referring to the exhibit, which replication technology is supported between cluster_A and cluster_B?

A. NetApp Data Availability Services

B. Snap Mirror Synchronous

C. MetroCluster IP

D. Foreign LUN Import

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

You are configuring an FC switch to allow LUN access to a host system.

In this scenario, a switch needs a zone configuration file that includes which two elements? (Choose two.)

A. host initiator WWPN

B. SVM target WWNN

C. host initiator WWNN

D. SVM target WWPN

Correct Answer: AD